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Theatre and Dance in Pietrasanta


Written and directed by Giancarlo Marinelli
with Fabio Sartor and Caterina Murino

I was inspired by a true story. Vera not in the tragedy written here. But in the assumptions that could have led to that tragedy. In reality no one has killed anyone. At least not physically. And yet, out of every hypocrisy, I have to admit it: listening to those who told it to me, for a moment, the specter flashed through me. Which is the title of this work. The idea of ​​killing. I am a "feminist" man from birth: I love women; I wake up in the morning to meet a woman; I write and direct, always thinking about women. I never raised a finger against a woman. And I will never do it. Yet, empathizing in the protagonist of this story, that spectrum has surfaced. It will also happen to the public who will attend the show. And he will hate me, and he will hate himself for it. In truth, I did not intend to write a text on "femicide" on the contrary, or worse, on "murder". I wanted to tell a story about love as a weapon of mass destruction. On love as a deadly trap. On the love that should be the negation of every common place. And that instead becomes the most commonly lethal of clichés. I wanted to stage a story that scares the public like when you read in a newspaper about a possible epidemic, a virus that could affect everyone: "What if it happened to me?". The answer is not there. It can not be there. Because the theater never deals with the vaccine. But only of the contagion.
Giancarlo Marinelli


When: 02/22/2018

Where: Teatro Comunale di Pietrasanta, Pietrasanta

Time: ore 21.00

Information: 0584 265733 - info@laversilianafestival.it - 0584795511

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