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Theatre and Dance in Marina di Pietrasanta


TARTUFO, or Molière's Impostor, a show by Andrea Buscemi.
After Avaro and Imaginary Malato represented with great success throughout Italy, Fondazione Sipario Toscana Onlus/The City of the Theater, In collaboration with the Versiliana Festival of Marina di Pietrasanta, continues the Molière Project with the TARTUFO fairground or the Impostore, one of the masterpieces of the great French playwright.

Who is Truffle? A parasite, an exploiter, a hypocrite, as fake as Judas, a bigot, a chubby, a hateful ... He has a shortage of past (we will find him at the end of the comedy) but keeps it hidden under everyone's grip on the Christian-Catholic mantle Extolling the teachings of the Holy Mother Church. The falsely came to the home of the rich Orgon where he is a master, very fond of him and his mother, Mrs. Pernelle, sour and wandering, and instead invisible, dreaded, despised by the rest of the numerous family. His family is made up of a wife named Elmira, his daughter Marianna, a nice, intelligent and impertinent servant, Dorina, and finally her old mother-in-law, Mrs. Pernelle. These are added to Valerio, an honest boyfriend of Marianna.
The story is made of little: Orgone is left to such a degree that he hesitates from the fictional Truffle by wanting to marry her daughter Marianna (already promised earlier to another ) And decide to name him the heir of all his substance ... But little history Molière knows how to make a masterpiece. One of the great masterpieces of the "light" European theater: "light", not comical, because there is little to comic in Truffle: it is a work of accusation against the French nobility. Truffle represents the hypocrite who lives under religious devotion and affective devotion but which in reality only wants to take advantage of the trust granted to it and then betray it. It is no coincidence that Molière during a performance of the comedy in front of the king stated that "the comedy must correct men by having fun."


When: 08/20/2017

Where: La Versiliana - Viale Morin n. 16, Marina di Pietrasanta

Time: 21:30 - 23:30

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