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"Alfred Hitchcock - The Black Genius"

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"Alfred Hitchcock - The Black Genius"

ALESSANDRA POLITI PAGNONI: "Alfred Hitchcock - The Black Genius" by Alessandro Bertozzi.

Paola Raffo Arte Contemporanea presents, by Alessandro Bertozzi, the exhibition by Alessandra Politi Pagnoni "Alfred Hitchcock - The Black Genius ". The exhibition will present recent works by the sculptor inspired by ten films by the master of cinema.

The "Hitchcock" project was born from an ancient passion, of the authentic ones, that enrich you. It is my personal tribute to the great English Master who invented the cinema, unpacked it and then rebuilt it, leaving behind an inventive, ironic and technical heritage that is still being studied today. I do sculpture, two distant worlds, but the first challenge I set myself was to be able to capture the whole emotion of a film in a static image. A single frame that captures the essence of 90 minutes. This inevitably leads to being in front of an object, often due to the Pop art that I have already experienced in the past. The phone of "Perfect crime", the telephoto lens of "The window on the courtyard", the key to "Notorius" are excellent examples. The second challenge was trying to be consistent with the Hitchcockian concept of realism: Hitch personally was not interested in demonstrating the reliability and verisimilitude of his scenes but only the final effect on the audience. I do not care about the details of the sculpture, the risk of falling into the decoration is around the corner, so a crow to be unsettling does not need eyes and the face of the impenetrable Mrs. Danvers is sharp in her rigid features. Hitchcock is a genius who has never given up on experimenting, risking and putting himself in the face of the Hollywood powers. Suspense has made his life, he lived it self-producing "Psycho", against the wishes of all, which then proved to be his greatest success. I think that sometimes even an artist should do so, get out of the comfortable schemes and venture out. This is not an "easy" project, certainly not understandable by everyone, but passion goes beyond all difficulties. At the same time I would like to not dedicate these works only to "insiders", but possibly to all the curious and lovers of beauty. I conclude by saying that I have done my best to have my guest Ms. Tippi Hedren, my inspiring muse, but since I can not participate I am honored by her compliments and by the brief contacts I had with the lady of "The birds" of which I will make surely honey. I did 12 sculptures, Hitchcock shot 54 films ... how will it end? SUSPENSE


When: until 07/29/2018

Where: Paola Raffo Arte Contemporanea - Via Barsanti 11, Pietrasanta

Information: 0584 283338 - 335 5864558 - Tel 0584 283338

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