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Pietrasanta is officially a "city that reads"

Cultural events in Pietrasanta

Pietrasanta is officially a "city that reads"

The prestigious award has just been attributed to Little Athens, which will now be able to access tenders, funding and incentives, made available by the Book Center and Reading in collaboration with Anci, the National Association of Municipalities Italian. An important goal, a sweaty qualification and obtained after a selection that promoted 365 cities on 522 applicants. The title is a premium for centers that favor free access to reading, with the goal of community socio-cultural growth. A result centered on the many initiatives launched by the municipal administration led by Mayor Massimo Mallegni and the civic library "Giosuè Carducci", which have made the promotion of reading a cultural manifestation of the city.

" Pietrasanta is a small stronghold of culture and reading - says Mayor Mallegni - The Carducci library, joined by the Bozzetti Museum, inside the Sant'Agostino complex, represents a polo Unique culture in the world and a great reason for pride. The fact that our library is in Piazza Duomo, in the heart of the historic center, is a symptom of the great importance we attribute to reading. As a management we made substantial investments in book heritage, grew up with the purchase of 474 new texts in two years, which led us to record over 50,000 volumes on shelves. We implemented the opening days and times, recording a peak of 40,000 accesses per year, an average of 160 per day. Important results of service improvement, which we made more smart by bringing free wi-fi to the Cloister. Beyond the recognition that we are happy to have obtained, the data is clear. "

" Books invade the city "

Saturday 27 and Sunday May 28 in Pietrasanta returns "Books invade the city", an initiative aimed at promoting reading. It is a hunt for volunteer readers who, scattered around the streets and squares of the Old Town, will animate the weekend by reading passers-by songs from best sellers, little-known novels, texts for adults and children. S May 27, from 9 pm to the Library with the " Pajamas Readings dedicated to the whole family. D Omenica 28 from 5pm at the center's main streets with numerous reading locations. At 19:00 everyone is invited to the Snail Garden for listening with musical accompaniment and the usual launch of balloons. Dozens of readers, large and small, families, couples and singles will become a narrative tool and spread of emotions. The review is organized by the B communal commune "G. Carducci " and cultural association" Three-song Walnut " and is part of the" Pietrasanta child-friendly initiatives

. "


When: until 05/28/2017

Where: BiBiblioteca comunale “G. Carducci, Pietrasanta

Time: 21.00

Information: Comune di Pietrasanta tel. 0584 7951

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